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Drop Camps - Wyoming and Yellowstone Adventures

A Wilderness Taxi and Freight Service

Looking for an authentic experience in Wyoming’s breathtaking backcountry? Let Wilderness Trails, Inc. act as your “Wilderness Taxi” or “Freight Service” and haul your gear to the Teton or Yellowstone campsite of your choosing!

We drop groups at many points throughout Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Our most popular drop camp is Heart Lake in Yellowstone. Contact us to learn more about drop camp locations based on your specific interests.
You are required to provide your own food as well as camping and cooking gear.

If you plan on camping in Yellowstone National Park you must have a campsite permit, which you are responsible for acquiring.

For information regarding permits, please contact the Yellowstone Backcountry Office at (307) 344-2160. 


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